(Supplement to resolution of MV CR c.j. II/s-OVS/l-2621/2657/97 r from 25 June1997
corrected by General Meeting of MEIS on 25.6.2011 and 25.5.2013)


Society Statute.

I. Preamble.

Society is the association of growers, breeders and friends of irises from Middle European countries. It is considered to be an international non-governmental organization. Founders are members of Club of European Iris Society from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.


II. Society name.

Society name is Middle-European Iris Society (Abbreviation MEIS - see further).


III. Territorial activity, seat of the society.

1. Territorial activity of the society is in Central European countries. Society is open for dwellers of any country.
2. The seat of MEIS is Hlucin, the Czech Republic.


IV. Company objectives.

Company objectives are to support qualitative and quantitative exploitation of genus iris on behalf of living environment of quarters. For impletion of the society objectives:

1. Organizes and co-ordinates special and social activities of members.
2. Represents the interests of members, including interests of region or countries from which MEIS members come from and enables communication with other iris societies.
3. Promotes and popularizes irises.
4. Solves questions concerning growing and breeding of irises.
5. Organize publishing activities, lectures, exhibitions, international meetings, excursions, conferences.
6. Helps to build-up the knowledge about iris genus and implementation of this knowledge in life.
7. Realizes registrations and evaluation of new cultivation, collaborates with botanic gardens.


V. Membership.

Forms of membership: individual, associated or honorable.

1. Individual member can become every one, who agrees with the society articles and applies for membership in writing. Membership is defunct by resignation, death or exclusion of a member.

2 Associated members is a corporate body that agrees with objectives of society activities can also become a group member. Rising and conditions of membership or resignation for membership is verified in writing agreement.

3. Honorable members are appointed from reason worthy respects at a General meeting on proposal of Board.


VI. Law and duties of members.

1. To participate in all actions arranged by society.
2. To develop its program, share in its implementation.
3. To vote and to be elected into the society bodies.
4. To make use of benefits resulting from membership in society.
5. To make suggestion, complaints and proposals to the society activities .
6. To keep regulations.
7. To pay a membership fee in agreed amount in term.
8. To promote MEIS and by his/her activity contribute to its generation of good reputation.


VII. Society authorities.

1. Local groups Ė There are two kinds of local groups: regional and states.
They are made by at least 5 members. Nationality of local grout members donít matter. Leader of so group becomes a member of Board. Leader is elected by more than half attendant for 4 years. Establishing of local group and election of leader are agreed by General meeting.
States group make up members from separates countries who havenít became members of any regional local group. Leader states groups are elected and confirmed on General meeting with election of the Board.

2. Board - is an executive body of Society between General meeting dealings. It consists of the leaders of local group and members of Board elected on General meeting. From the members of Board are elected president, vice president and treasurer. Functional period of Board is 4 years. Dealing of Board initiated President of Society. Decision of Board is agreed by more than half attendant from at least one half its members or by e-mail consultation with agreement of at least half its member. Board confirmed and canceled membership of MEISís members.

3. General meeting - is a top authority of the society. It gathers in accordance with needs. Invited are members who paid membership fee. Dealing of General meeting called Board. In case of need an extra General meeting can be called by request of 1/3 members. A general meeting session is directed by the society president or vice-president. It approves changes of Statute and society economy. Proposal for General meeting dealing must come forward to members at least 2 weeks in advance. Notice to this could be send by leader of local group or by e-mail. If no notice to proposal come it means their agreed. Decision is agreed by more than half attendant by more than half of members attended. If there is less than half of members decision is agreed by 2/3 of attendant.

4. Revisions commission is next body which is elected by General meeting.

5. Statutory representative of MEIS is the president of society.


VIII. Economy of the society.

1. Financial resource of the society is membership fees, revenues from activities, gifts, grants and sponsors contributions.
2. Membership fee of an individual member per year is set up by Board at the beginning of year. Fee has to be paid to the end of any year.
3. Information about economy is given by treasurer, after checking of revisions commission, to the Board to the end of January next year.
4. Only the Board can dispose with means (funds).


IX. Closing regulations.

1. Statute comes into operation by the day of registration at competent administration authority. Their changes are approved by General meeting. Proposal must come forward to members at least 2 weeks in advance.
2. Termination of activities can be set in decision of General meeting which attended at least 1/5 of all members or in decision of Board by writing agreement of 2/3 of all MEIS members.
3. In case of society liquidation all its property stays to the liquidator disposal for justification of society obligations.


Board agreed for 2017 y. this membership fees: ........7 Ä ...........30 Zl .......... 190 KŤ

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