Trial Garden of Middle-European Iris Society

Middle-European Iris Society (MEIS) in cooperation with Botanical Garden Praha-Průhonice under Institute of Botany ASCR, Czech Republic decided to start a new project for propagation of Iris cultivars. We are very glad that friends from Botanical Garden are willing to keep protective hand over this project.

It is based on testing and comparing quality of new cultivars, not only MEIS origin but foreign cultivars too, on one place where are same climate condition and same condition for growing and blooming for these cultivars.

There will be compared Irises these groups:
MDB + SDB (planted together)

Cultivars will be under supervision of MEIS judges and will be accessible to the public which will give us opinions about individual cultivars. Cultivars will be observed for 3 years, for the first time evaluated 2 years after planting and second time 3 years after planting in right time when they will bloom.

Attendant of this comparing are asked to send 1 or 2 rhizomes of the most 5 cultivars each category per year. Term for sending plants is on 15th of August. Cultivars may not be register more than three years back.

We will be very honored if you accept our invitation to participate in this project and we are looking forward to seeing your Irises blooming!

Send your plants please on this address:
Botanická zahrada Chotobuz
Botanický ústav Akademie věd ČR, v.v.i.
Zámek 1
252 43 Průhonice
Czech Republic

And list of cultivars send to

Main target is not to give prices but compare quality. Of course many breeders expect any award for their cultivars:
From results of public voting will be selected TOP TEN cultivars in each category. Judges will award the best 3 Iris cultivars in each category.
The best TB MEIS cultivar will be awarded Carpathian Medal.