How to become a member of MEIS.


Because our Society is opened to interested people from many countries, their officially name is international name Middle-European Iris Society. It is used abbreviation MEIS too or translations to the languages of individual member.

We welcome all who are interested in membership in our Society. It is very easy to do a few steps for it:

1) To acquaint with the Statute of Middle-European Iris Society.

2) If you agree with the Statute you can fulfilled application form and send it by e-mail to the address: zseidl123(a)

3) You can selected local group which you prefer to be a part. Probably it will be international local group. Local group can serve you for personally contacts. Your next communication with MEIS will be through a leader of local group which you have selected. Contact to him you get by e-mail after you send your application form.

4) All members have a duty to pay membership fee. Board has correct fee to 15 . 240 CZK, or 40 Zl (since 1.1.2021) to the account MEIS or you can make an agreement with your local group leader about what way you do it.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and meet you occasionally on some events, which will be organized by our Society.